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Post  Elara on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:15 am

Q: What the fuck is this shit?

It's called the PRC. Players Resource Compendium. It tries to unfuck NWN by fixing all the fucked up and half-assed spells, the shitty implementations, and adding things like liches, teleportation, psionics and goddamned real epic spells.
Q: Why the fuck does it have nintey gabillion haks?

There was a LOT of unfucking to do.

Q: If it doens't work with the mod, why are we bothering with it?

Because stock NWN doesn't allow me to have the kind of intensity of fight scene I want.

Q: I don't want to be bothered with this shit.

You don't have to! I'll give you a loadout of haks, you drop them in directories, and away you go! You don't have to rebuild anything if you're happy with your char.

Q: I don't understand what all everything does.

If you are PARTICULARLY brave, you can visit the PRC manual site. Good luck. Otherwise, just ask me.

Q: Will this be easier once 1.69 comes out?

Fuck, I hope so.

Q: Some of these classes are overpowered.

Hell most of them are right out of the core goddamned books. But since this isn't a PW, overpowered is fine.

Q: Th-the FUCK? That spell just blew my goddamned arms off!

*grins* Yeah, cool ain't it? That's why we're using it.

We'll JUST use the PRC for a battle -- anything else would be too fucking annoying, and Pops would beat me up. What a Face
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Post  Trahern on Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:45 am

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